The "Manassas"

On the 21st of May, 1861, Congress enacted a law, amending the tenth section of the act, recognizing a state of war with the United States; so that in addition to the bounty therein mentioned, the government of the Confederate States would pay to the cruisers of any private armed vessel commissioned under said act twenty per cent. on the value of such vessel belonging to the enemy as may be destroyed by such private armed vessel. Under that act, the ram Manassas was built at New Orleans by private subscription; but after Commodore Hollins' successful clearing of the enemy's fleet from the mouth of the Mississippi River, on the 12th of October, 1861, the Manassas was purchased by the C.S. government.



History of the Confederate States Navy
From its Organization To the Surrender of Its Last Vessel
By J Thomas Scharf, A.M. LL.D.
An Officer of the Late Confederate States Navy
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Published in 1887


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